Duration: 01.09.2012 - 31.08.2015

Project management: Dr. Martin Schmuck

Funding: Electromobility ERA-Net Plus Initiative

Partner: Fraunhofer IWS (GER); TU-Dresden (GER); SGL Carbon GmbH (GER); Uppsala University (SWE); Scania CV AB (SWE)

Main objective is the development of a new full cell concept for a next generation lithium sulphur battery with significantly enhanced properties. Prototype cells with energy densities larger than 400 Whkg-1 and cycle life over hundreds of cycles are expected as a result of this project. To reach this goal, close cooperative work on different components of the battery cells is necessary. Most important aspects are the material chemistry of the sulphur cathode and the electrolyte system to be combined with lithium anodes.